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How to install electric door can play a better effect

Nowadays,different products to different populations,under normal circumstances,the electric door mounted high technical requirements.electric retractable door machine installation must have a maintenance space,electric door motor in market segmentation boundaries is not very clear,only skilled master various techniques to meet the needs of the market.

Electric door to places with better more safe use effect and use of fire for the electric gate repair the device needs to have strict requirements for.

Electric door price which the base plate and the ground contact ahould be uniform,parallel.the seat board should adopt the angle steel,angle steel size should be based on the width is determined,the rivet connection or bolt connection,spaced no more than 300mm.The corresponding electric door drive apparatus,electric retractable door machine installation must have a maintenance space,should be firmly installed,no oil leadage.Support firm installation,no abnormal gas bearing,sufficient,Each rotating shaft sprocket center should be aligned coaxially,without breakage.Electric telescopic door machine with electric and manual type two,electric door must be matched with a fireproof electric telescopic door machine or a common electric door machine fire insulation device,and shall obtain the certificate of the fire test.

In short,in order to be able to use electric door to achieve the best results,for installation requires strict compliance with specifications.

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